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Nutrition for Women

Evidence-based nutrition and health consultations for women trying to make changes to their health, body weight or athletic performance from women with lived experience, backed by science.

Are you ready to make a meaningful change?

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Evidence-Based, Tailored To You

Women grow up with idealised expectations of how we should look, and yet live in a food environment driving us towards poor eating habits. This combination has made women highly susceptible to nutritional misinformation and promises that one simple supplement, plan or diet will be the answer to all their problems.


Our mission is to help women rediscover the fundamentals of good nutrition and health, reap the benefits for their self confidence and long-term health, and give them the tools to spot misinformation.

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We believe...

  • Eating well can make you feel better physically and psychologically

  • You can eat well without restricting foods or food groups

  • Weight loss is possible at any age

  • Weight loss medication is a helpful tool for some people

  • Good nutrition is essential for maximising athletic performance

  • Exercise does not have to be painful, it should be enjoyable

  • Consistency is key and a programme tailored to you should be easy to maintain

  • It is never too late to start

The Four Pillars of Health

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Meet the Nutritionists

We are highly qualified and experienced nutritionists who understand the challenges of staying healthy while coping with the changes in our bodies through pregnancy, menopause and older age while also managing life’s responsibilities.


We will work with you to understand your daily routine, diet and activities, as well as your medical history and personal challenges in order to devise an individual plan aimed at meeting your specific goals.

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Getting Started

Want to talk?

If you're ready to improve your nutrition and overall health but you're not sure where to start, book a free discovery call with us. During this call, we can discuss your needs and goals and help you decide on the best course of action. Don't let the first step hold you back, let's take it together!

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